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Rare Earth Magnet Photo *Neodymium Magnet Nd-Fe-B
Round Type
/Ring Type/Square Type/Bar Type

*Samarium-cobalt Magnet Sm-Co
Round Type
/Ring Type/Square Type/Bar Type
Alnico Magnet Photo *Alnico-8 / Alnico-5
Bar Type
/Ring Type/L Type
Ferrite Magnet
Photo *Anisotropic Ferrite Magnet
Round Type
/Ring Type/Block Type/Square Type

*Isotropic Ferrite Magnet
Round Type
/Ring Type/Square Type/Square Type/Ball Type

*Other Ferrite Magnet
/Typicla Dimension of C-Type/Block
Other Magnet
Photo *Other Magnet
*Cap Magne
*Pot Magne
*Neodybond Magnet
*Rubber Magnet
*General Magnetic Products

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